Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Religion - Essay Example According the Durkheim, the Orthodox Church is more likely to stress on the importance of conserving old traditions, while the teachings of the Protestant used to emphasize freedom and autonomy as the greater priority. The Protestant Church separated from the Roman Catholics on Reformation, and tends to view change and an occasional deviation from traditions as a positive change (Huismans, & Schwartz, 1995). There are a few distinctive differences in the teachings of Roman Catholics, Orthodox and the Protestant Church, but they revolve mostly around the different values and belief that each of these sects prioritize (Huismans, & Schwartz, 1995). For example, as the Protestants view development and success over stagnancy. While Roman Catholics and Orthodox Church both give more importance to not letting go of the old traditions, through which humankind initially learned about and sustained Christianity. These facts may point out the blatant differences, which can be found for each, bu t meanwhile also show that each has its own value-based teachings, none of which can be objectively proved more correct than any other. The understanding that Orthodox Church, as the name suggests, promotes the adherence to traditional ceremonies and worship, while the Protestant Church encourages change, is correct. While these two sects operate on polar beliefs as far as the importance of conservatism is concerned, it is important to note that religious leaders preach the importance of some values while perhaps shunning the value of other beliefs. This shunning is not, perhaps done voluntarily, but does result in the matter of the teachings of Christianity turning from objective to subjective, as each sect is taught to emphasize a difference belief by their leaders. As Weber pointed out, â€Å"Calvinist Protestantism promoted and supported industrialization in western Europe by influencing believers to emphasize wealth, success, ambition, and

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