Monday, December 30, 2019

Diy Culture From A Youtube Video Blog - 1688 Words

Case: The element referenced in this paper is â€Å"DIY culture† from a YouTube video blog (vlog) project done in RTA 102 Creative Processes. The vlog series is created from the perspective of a middle-aged father, Henry, working as a volunteer for an environmental organization called Evergreen. The main focus of the vlog series is DIY gardening tutorials at home while raising awareness of environmental issues. This paper will be exploring DIY culture from a techno-determinist perspective. D.I.Y.C.A.T Do-It-Yourself Culture After Technology In this digital age, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) content is one of the most searched subjects on the web, supported by modern advanced technology. Thus, this paper displays the way technology facilitates the development of DIY used on the Web, particularly Youtube. This paper explores the communities formed from online interactions between DIYers. This paper also investigates how technology allows DIYers to find values and the purpose of DIY in their personal lives. Historically speaking, DIY culture started in the 1960’s and 70’s as part of the anti-establishment punk movement. For the digital generation in our society right now, some may be unaware that DIY culture has always been tied to protest and activism, creating alternatives in everyday life. However, the DIY that will be further explored later on is focused more on the modern crafts and technological aspect of the culture as reflected in the 102 YouTube vlog project. InShow MoreRelatedPinterest Boards And Youtube Vid eos That Deliver Makeup806 Words   |  4 PagesPinterest boards and YouTube videos that deliver makeup tutorials flood social media. Television shows that chronicle cupcake shops and DIY home improvement flourish. As these feminized forms of media thrive in the pop culture of our early twenty-first century, contemporary gender scholars take up the task of analyzing the social, economic, and cultural meaning they create. Does fashion blogging reify certain norms of femininity, or challenge them? What does the act of selling cupcakes have to doRead MoreThe Music Industry and Technology: Changing the Way the World listens and Shares Music2249 Words   |  9 Pagesfan base. Artists can also utilize this new development to keep fans interested with their current undertakings. For example, an artist could release a teaser track via the webpage before the release of their new EP or they can upload a one off video for their fans; initiating fans to keep returning to the page and engage fully with the artists’ actions. This designates that, when fans are looking for new uploads to the page, they will also notice if any gigs are coming up. Therefore informationRead MoreExploring Young People s Literacy Practices Across Corporate And User Produced Platforms6165 Words   |  25 Pagesdistinct online locations, such as affinity spaces, specific websites, particular video games, or other media platforms, a focus on transmedia ecologies encourages us to look beyond spatial and structural boundaries to understand how flows of corporate and user-produced artefacts can shape, constrain, and expand young people’s literate repertoires. Introduction (Contemporary Transmedia Contexts) In the turn away from viewing literacy as a purely cognitive process of decoding and encoding text,Read MoreMarketing and E-commerce Business65852 Words   |  264 PagesInsight on Technology: Think Your Smartphone Is Secure? Insight on Society: Bitcoin Case Study: Online Payment Marketplace: Goat Rodeo CHAPTER 6 E-COMMERCE MARKETING AND ADVERTISING CONCEPTS Opening Case: Video Ads: Shoot, Click, Buy Insight on Business: Are the Very Rich Different From You and Me? Insight on Technology: The Long Tail: Big Hits and Big Misses Insight on Society: Every Move You Take, Every Click You Make, We’ll Be Tracking You Case Study: Instant Ads: Real-Time Marketing on

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